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Munitions Management Group (MMG) specializes in Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) and Munitions Constituents (MC) related environmental solutions.

MMG provides a complete line of MEC/MC related services to support efforts such as commercial strategic property repositioning and the Military Munitions Response Program.

Over the past decade the members of MMG have provided strategic technical support related to the early transfer of Department of Defense (DoD) contaminated property and the privatized cleanup of both conventional contamination (e.g., landfills) and MEC on current and former DoD controlled or impacted property.

MMG is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern, based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Specialized Services
• Integrated MC and MEC risk assessments
• Geophysical investigation and detection of MEC
• MC sampling and analysis
• Cradle-to-grave management of MEC and related materials
• Full characterization of the reactive waste stream
• Defensible reporting packages to support project objectives
• Multiple media investigations on munitions sites

DoD Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP)
MMG’s senior personnel have unique experience in supporting DoD and the Services in developing characterization and risk evaluation tools on Munitions Response Sites across the country. Our staff has supported DoD’s emerging MMRP prior to its inception in September 2001 under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) for the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

MEC and MC Project Experience
MMG staff has experience implementing all aspects of MEC and MC projects:
• Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection (PA/SI)
• Comprehensive Site Evaluation (CSE)
• Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS)
• Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA)
• Remedial and removal action phases

Munitions Management Group is focused on providing subcontractor services to firms directly contracted with DoD, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Services.

Project management and/or senior technical lead on MMRP SI and RI/FS projects
• MEC and MC integrated conceptual site model (CSM) development, data quality objectives (DQOs) development, and Technical Project Planning (TPP) support
• Work Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), and other planning and reporting documents development and technical review
• Coordinating new RI/FS projects with pre-existing EE/CA data and efforts

Risk assessment
• Completion of Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol (MRSPP) modules for munitions response sites (MRSs)
• Performing Ordnance and Explosive Risk Impact Analysis (OERIA) and Risk Assessment Code (RAC) worksheets
• Converting outdated risk analyses into MRSPP modules and/or EPA’s latest MEC Hazard Assessment (HA) process and worksheets
• Performing human health and ecological risk assessment screening, baselines, and a tiered risk assessment approach based on current and future land use

Field support
• Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) escort to environmental sampling personnel
• Full service MEC characterization and remediation services including detection, removal, and disposal operations


MMG works closely with each client to comprehensively manage and/or transfer the liability and risks associated with MEC contaminated properties including:
• Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS)
• Company Owned/Company Operated (CO/CO) sites
• Government Owned/Company Operated (GO/CO) sites
• Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) sites

MMG’s ability to communicate a defensible characterization approach to regulators and stakeholders has proven to accelerate property through the investigation and remedial process for earliest redevelopment availability.


Munitions Management Group supports clients in achieving project and site-specific goals that vary depending on the approach to risk transfer:

Owner-Managed Risk
• Design, negotiate and implement a cost-effective remedy for MEC conditions
• Offset remediation cost through recovery from other parties
• Seek insurance policy recovery from historical insurers
• Enhance the property value through greater flexibility of use

Risk Transfer Option
• Evaluate “walk away” options – transferring ownership of the site and the risk/liabilities
• Limit costs needed to complete a risk transfer
• Create finality and certainty for liabilities linked to site


Pinecastle Jeep Range FUDS, Orlando, FL
Munitions Management Group conducted MEC clearance actions for five commercial clients on development properties surrounding or partially within the former Pinecastle Jeep Range FUDS in Orlando, FL.

While the USACE and its contractors continue to perform remedial actions on the FUDS, MMG was contracted by five separate developers/home builders, as well as the City of Orlando, to perform MEC detection and clearance activities in areas being prepared for development, housing lots at various stages of construction and some inhabited, multi-family housing complexes, and City properties within the area of concern.

Utilizing digital geophysical mapping and hand-held geophysical detector surveys, MMG cleared over 100 home lots, approximately 20 multi-unit housing complexes and surrounding grounds, and over 80 acres planned for development or public use. MMG also completed soil sampling and laboratory analysis for human health risk screening at locations where MEC contamination was discovered.

Former Camp Claiborne, LA and Former Five Points Outlying Field, TX
In accordance with the DERP-FUDS program administered by the USACE, MMG is participating as a subcontractor to provide expertise in preparing RI/FS documents that will achieve acceptance from state and federal regulators and other stakeholders.

MMG is lead on characterizing the risks posed at each MRS, outlining a risk management approach, and performing the remedial alternatives identification, evaluation, and selection. MMG is a key member of the presentation team at Technical Project Planning meetings and for other stakeholder presentations.

Former Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range (BGR), South Carolina
In accordance with the DERP-FUDS MMRP, MMG is participating as a subcontractor to provide project management support; lead technical aspects of TPP, prepare RI Work Plan, SAP, and QAPP; provide oversight to environmental sampling activities; and prepare RI Report, FS Report, Proposed Plan and Decision Document.

The former Conway BGR consists of over 55,000-acres and a complex of historical military training range activities. MMG is updating existing EE/CA results for MEC into the MRSPP and EPA MEC HA.

MMG has also planned a phased approach to achieve environmental sampling data requirements for the RI. MC sampling will initially consist of worst-case scenario (i.e., most likely source areas) sample collection based on the CSM and human health and ecological risk screening followed by more focused sampling, if necessary, and tiered risk assessment based on current and future land use scenarios.

Former Camp Bowie, Brownwood, TX
Munitions Management Group participated as a subcontractor in the performance of an EE/CA at the former Camp Bowie site in accordance with the DERP-FUDS program. The EE/CA process was conducted to comply with the National Contingency Plan (NCP) and adheres to both the DERP policy for FUDS and relevant USACE regulations and guidance for munitions response actions.

Following review of historical information, personnel interviews, review of aerial photography, geophysical surveys, and intrusive investigations, an EE/CA Report was prepared. The EE/CA Report presented the characterization of MEC contamination at the former Camp Bowie, assessment of the risk associated with that contamination, and recommend response action alternatives to reduce the risk. The report also provided cost estimates for the recommended response actions and a draft plan to conduct recurring reviews of the measures emplaced for risk reduction.

Confidential Site, New Jersey
Munitions Management Group is conducting an RI/FS and remedial action phases for confidential site in NJ contaminated with chemical and munitions constituents, as well as MEC.

An RI Work Plan, RI Report, Remedial Action Selection Report (NJDEP’s equivalent to FS), Remedial Action Work Plan, and Remedial Action Report are being prepared in accordance with NJDEP Technical Requirements and consistent with DDESB, DoD, and USACE MMRP requirements. EPA’s Draft MEC HA was also used successfully to baseline MEC risks in the RI Report and evaluate and select remedial alternatives for the FS phase.

Environmental sampling has included surface and subsurface soil samples, sediment and surface water samples, monitoring well installation, and groundwater samples. MEC disposal performed by MMG during the RI phase has included controlled detonations, as well as a mobile flash unit for thermal destruction.

Millville Industrial Park Expansion Project, Millville, NJ
MMG performed a SI in accordance with NJDEP requirements and consistent with CERCLA and DoD MMRP requirements on nine MEC Areas of Concern across the development property.

MMG performed comprehensive geophysical surveys and intrusive investigation at each AOC in an effort to identify areas of the property that may move to no further action (NoFA) in a streamlined manner. MMG prepared baseline risk assessments for each AOC based on the results of the investigation.

Over 99% of the MEC SI study acreage (502 out of 505 acres) was identified for NoFA based on the conclusions presented in the SI Report.

MMG is currently performing the RI effort for the remaining three acres, which involve excavation of debris piles and burial/landfill areas (approximately 25,000 cubic yards of material being mechanically sifted by a mobile sifting unit). MMG is performing on-site disposal/detonation of MEC.

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Chad Webb, Managing Member
Mr. Webb has 17+ years of experience managing and participating in CERCLA-driven munitions response actions on MEC and MC contaminated sites, as well as characterization and remediation/cleanup projects involving soil, groundwater, and structures with hazardous, toxic, and radiological waste (HTRW) contamination.

He also has extensive experience with environmental laws and regulatory compliance, specifically military munitions compliance and range sustainability.

Mr. Webb has provided training to five Army Commands and over 250 Army personnel, as well as authored guidance documents for the Army and Air Force related to military munitions regulation and cleanup.

Don Jenkins, Managing Member
Mr. Jenkins has 15+ years of UXO-qualified experience and 5+ years of experience crafting and implementing characterization methodologies for investigations and remediation of MEC and munitions constituents contaminated sites for both private and government clients.

He has successfully managed the first two MEC sites regulated by the State of New Jersey and has been instrumental in the development of a MEC oversight program for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Site Managers and Senior Technical Staff
MMG’s engineers, GIS technicians, risk assessors, geophysicist, etc. have experience performing investigation and remediation programs at sites across the country with a myriad of potential hazards including MEC, MC, hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste.

UXO Qualified Personnel
Munitions Management Group’s Senior UXO Supervisors (SUXOS), UXO Quality Control Specialists, and UXO Safety Officers, along with the Site Managers, form MMG’s Site Management Teams and are some of the most experienced and technically competent in the industry.

MMG currently employees 35 UXO qualified technicians and maintains a roster of over 65 UXO qualified technicians to respond to the ebb and flow of resource requirements of its munitions response projects.

MMG ensures competent staffing and retention of UXO staff for field projects by offering a robust compensation package including signing bonuses, pay above the prevailing wage determination, added health & welfare pay, ten paid holidays, safety performance bonuses, and retention bonuses at project completion milestones.

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Don Jenkins
Managing Member
Knoxville, TN

Chad Webb
Managing Member
Franklin, TN

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